Ajusco is a 3,930 meter (12,894 feet) lava dome volcano located just south of Mexico CIty It is the highest point in the city, The locations its  fabulous to shoot cityscapes and landscape at the same day (1 day).

 Max 4 adventures per day

Available Tickets: 8/8

 5 / 12 Nov 2022


Iztaccíhuatl is a volcano situated on the México-Puebla state at the National Park Izta-popo, The location are stunnig for shoot lanscape photgraphy with camara and drone, There are many spots and the routes are easy accesible (2 days).

Available Tickets: 6/6

 10 /11 Dic 2022


Popocatepelt is an active volcano located in the states of Puebla-Morelos-Mexico, The locations are tremendous for shoot astrophotography landscape also have many spots and the routes are easy accesible  (2 day)  

Available Tickets: 6/6

22 Oct 2022


Xochimilco is distinguished by a number of rain canals existing since pre-Hispanic times, Mexico Valley was part of a large amount of lakes and lagoons, almost in its entirety. The location is attractive for landscape and fauna photography, the journey to the different spots is by boat (1 day)

Max 6 adventures per day

Available Tickets: 12/12

 3 / 4 Dic 2022

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